U Minh Ha National Park

U Minh Ha from flycam
U Minh Ha from flycam

U Minh Ha is one of the most important park in Vietnam. With race ecosystem, and natural beauty, the Park is a very-attractive place in Vietnam

Where is U Minh Ha?

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U Minh Ha National Park is located in the Khanh Lam and Khanh An communes, in U Minh district and in the Tran Hoi, Khanh Binh Tay Bac communes of Tran Van Thoi district. Park is located on the tourist route to Hon Da Bac tourism centre, not far from Ca Mau City, and it only takes about an hour by car.

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A park with a lot of wide animal
A park with a lot of wide animal

Because of that advantage, from the beginning up to now, though it’s not too long, the Park has welcomed tens of thousands of tourists to visit. Park is divided into three specific zones, which are classified protected areas of forest ecosystems on peat land with an area of 2570 ha, restoration areas and sustainable use of wetland ecosystems with 4961 ha and service and administrative subdivision area of 755 ha. In addition, within the framework of tourism, they are also developing projects such as the traditional culture area, forest outlook stations, traditional dining area, the pets raising area, and wharf fishing, boating and dock constructions for entertainment services to serve the needs of travelers in and outside the province.

Amazing birds
Amazing birds

What’s special in here?

To U Minh Ha National Park, visitors will discover 78 species of 65 lines, 36 families, including 11 species of timber trees – most notably with many species of mangrove tree vines. The class of breast animal has 23 species, bird class has 91 species, there are 36 species of reptiles, amphibians have 11 species, many rare species such as red legs otter, fire squirrel, Tete (pangolins) etc.

U Minh Ha National Park is also known for many unique cuisine style of the Mekong Delta region

Coming U Minh Ha national park, I sure that you would have a unforgettable experience in Vietnam

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