Lunar New Year Festival in Vietnam

Lunar New Year Festival


Starting from late January and early February, Lunar new year festival is one of the most important festivals in Vietnam. It  usually organizes in 3 days in Lunar Calendar.  Nevertheless, Vietnamese people often spend about nearly a month to celebrate this special event. Traditionally, the purpose of Tet holiday is that Vietnamese would like to thank Gods for the arrival of spring with a variety of blooming trees and flowers after a cold and harsh winter.

Preparing for Tet

Tet in Vietnam

On the New Year’s Day, the first ones who come to visit households—called first-foot—are very important and hence need to be well chosen, as they are believed to hold in their hands the entire luck of the family in New Year. After that, till the third day of Tet, individuals meet relatives, friends and colleagues, wishing them all kinds of good things like happiness, health and success. They give children lucky money covered in pretty little red envelopes also because of that reason, as red represents good lucks. Especially, in Hanoi, everyone have a tradition of begging letters Tet.

traditional food on Tet

There is a saying in Vietnam, “Father’s Tet is on the First Day of New Year, Mother’s Tet is on the Second, and Teacher’s is on the Third”. Banh Chung is the traditional food on tet. The best illustration of the quotation is that, on the first day, Vietnamese visit their parents on the husband’s side on; on the second day, they turn to parents on the wife’s side; and lastly, they spend their third day of Tet visiting their teachers. All in all, Tet is all about back to origins, wishing for the best, and joining in colorful parties.